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How does the dynamic color QR code realize the anti-counterfeiting function?


We all know that the essence of the QR code is a medium for transmitting information and has no anti-counterfeiting function.

With the development of technology, more and more colorful two-dimensional codes or variable two-dimensional codes have appeared on the market, and the combination with anti-counterfeiting technology has brought unprecedented high-quality anti-counterfeiting effects to the majority of manufacturers. Xin Anti-counterfeiting tells you how the dynamic color QR code realizes the anti-counterfeiting function.

The color variable two-dimensional code is more beautiful than the traditional two-dimensional code, and integrates the function of anti-counterfeiting. Contains encryption technology, dynamic graphic code color change recognition graphic technology; fiber texture code; color code color recognition technology, etc., which are easy to recognize and difficult to imitate.

What is the principle of dynamic color security code? The dynamic color QR code anti-counterfeiting technology is to generate a unique anti-counterfeiting code and color (8 colors of red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, and black) for each product through the information encoding/decoding of the core anti-counterfeiting technology, and use it together Professional anti-counterfeiting printing software prints colorful anti-counterfeiting codes on self-adhesive label paper. These colorful two-dimensional codes store the information of the anti-counterfeiting codes, and the information is stored in the anti-counterfeiting database. Retrieve the stored anti-counterfeiting code and the color information of the anti-counterfeiting code through telephone, Internet, WeChat and other methods, and compare it with the anti-counterfeiting code color and anti-counterfeiting code information on the label to determine the authenticity of the product being searched for.

Color code variable QR code anti-counterfeiting label features: 1, multiple anti-counterfeiting, reliable performance. Its anti-counterfeiting information includes not only the digital information of the anti-counterfeiting code, the color information of each anti-counterfeiting code, and the characteristic information of the material, which completes the triple anti-counterfeiting; 2. Effectively prevents the imitation of the anti-counterfeiting code. Even if a counterfeiter prints a label with film production method, it will cost at least several hundred yuan; if digital printing method is adopted, a label will cost dozens of yuan. The cost is too high and very uneconomical. 3. The dynamic color code QR code anti-counterfeiting label also has a very big advantage. The identification is simple and intuitive. After the system is inquired, the voice message network will automatically prompt the product's anti-counterfeiting code and color information.

In summary, the dynamic color QR code is an upgraded version of the two-dimensional code for anti-counterfeiting, with better anti-counterfeiting performance, and an additional anti-counterfeiting option for merchants.

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